The Checkup: 4 Workouts That Predict Your Race Finish Time

Have a goal finish time in mind for your upcoming marathon or 5K? These workouts will show you if you're ready.

• If you’ve heard of the infamous Yasso 800s, you know what a benchmark workout is: one that comes just prior to race day to help you gauge your readiness, hone your speed and boost your confidence. Complete one of these four workouts, designed for marathons, half marathoners, 10Ks and 5Ks, and you can say hello to your next PR. [Runner’s World]

• Mark this day in history, folks: I’m about to tell you something good about sugar. A new study found that sugar injections may help ease knee pain. [HealthDay]

• Appealing to the Chipotle lover in me, this: six fruit tacos that use summer’s best, all-natural sweet treats. [Blisstree]

Four body washes that’ll clean your skin and … lift your spirit? [New York Mag]

• I like the sound of this: the Ultimate Metabolism-Boosting Workout. [Health]

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