The Checkup: Your Cell Phone Has 25,107 Bacteria Per Square Inch

Say it with me: Eeeeew.

• We all know that cell phones are dirty little suckers. But hearing that your phone is swimming in germs and knowing with cold, hard facts how its germ count compares to, say, the germ count of a toilet seat are two different things. Which is why Mashable posted a jaunty little video yesterday (seriously, listen to that chipper music) to show how your phone’s germs-per-square-inch compare to those of the average toilet seat, kitchen counter, dog dish, express-checkout screen and doorknob. Warning: it’s one of those videos you sort of wish you didn’t watch but are too curious to abstain. Check it out below.

• Whatever you do, don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Even though you probably always figured you make less healthy food choices when you shop hungry, a new study proves it. More here.

• The FDA is taking steps to keep young people out of tanning beds. The government agency announced on Monday new rules that would require tanning-bed manufacturers to affix a warning label on the bed itself, warning young people of the dangers. The NYT has more.