Signs and Socks: Photos from the 2013 Broad Street Run

From the spectators' awesome signs to the runners' bright-red socks, here's what the 2013 Broad Street Run looked like in photos.

And just like that, it’s over, folks. We’ve been talking about this year’s Broad Street Run since November, so it’s hard to believe that all that excitement, training, hard work and sweat are now officially behind us.

This year, we sent amazing local photog Jeff Fusco to document the sights, socks and signs of race day. (How’s that for some solid alliteration on a Monday?) As a four-year Broad Street runner, I always look forward to reading all the hilarious and encouraging signs spectators bring along to help cheer us on, so I asked Jeff to pay particularly close attention to the side lines. And since this year’s race was dedicated to the Boston Marathon runners (both officially and unofficially), I wanted him to capture as much of the Boston love as he could—from the red socks to t-shirts to stickers to signs.

Here’s how we’ll remember the 2013 Broad Street Run.

All photographs by Jeff Fusco

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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