12 Deliciously Low-Cal Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo just two days away, here's a festive cheat sheet for getting your buzz on while remaining health-conscious.

The Cadillac Rio Margarita
via Shape

A twist on the classic margarita, the Cadillac Rio incorporates one part orange liqueur to give the tequila-heavy drink just the right touch of citrus.

ACTIVATE Margarita Cocktail
via SheKnows

ACTIVATE is an enhanced vitamin beverage without the sugar, calories or preservatives. Mix this with a simple margarita-inspired cocktail recipe, and what’s the result? The fountain of youth in a glass, my friends.

The SkinnyRita
via Mrs. Maki Cooks

A classic margarita that will help keep your waistline in check, natch.

The Latina Libre
via Examiner

Inspired by the rum-laced Cuba Libre, this drink is simple, slimming and—presumably—effective. Plus, the name is pretty cool, right? Bottoms up!

Cucumber Cooler
via Seattle Times

For all you cucumber lovers out there (I know it can’t just be me), this alcoholic drink is the perfect way to keep cool during a hot Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Magical Low-Calorie Margarita
via Hungry Girl

Another variation of the classic margarita, Hungry Girl’s Magical Low-Calorie Margarita only has 115 calories per serving. Win.

Sweet and Hot Arbol and Orange Drink
via Self

If you’re looking to breathe fire, Be Wellers, we’ve found a way: orange juice mixed with tequila and dried arbor chillies. Woof!

Strawberry-Cilantro Mojitos
via StyleCaster

This might literally be summer in a glass.

Slender Sauzarita
via Latina

The word “slender” is enough to turn me into a believer. What do you think? Use a lime wheel for an attractive garnish.

Cascade Ice Skinny Daiquiri
via The Dallas Socials

If you’d rather steer clear of tequila this Cinco de Mayo, this daiquiri has your name all over it: sstrawberries, wild berry sparkling water, and your choice of rum. Yum.

Low Sugar Sangria with Agave Nectar
via Barefoot Wine

Tis the season for sangria, my friends. If you’re waiting for that special recipe with a limited amount of sugar, the wait’s over! This baby’s for you.

Tipsy Arnold Palmer
via Mitzi Vines

Brew your own iced tea, press your own lemons, add a sugar substitute and you’ve effectively made your own Arnold Palmer with way less sugar. Your drink, your way—know what I’m saying?