World’s First Smart Fork Keeps Track of How Fast You Eat

You know it's officially The Future when your fork is telling you how to behave during dinner.

My mother has been telling me to “EAT SLOWER, JUSTIN!” for approximately 23 years now, and it seems that she can finally give it a rest: HAPIfork, the brainchild of French inventor Jacques Lepine, is the world’s first smart fork (yes, a smart fork), designed to keep track of how fast you’re eating. It’s meant to help you develop healthy eating habits, improve your digestion and reduce weight.

As reported on Mashable, if you’re taking bites too frequently, this little guy buzzes in your mouth. It also records the number of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal, the specific duration of each “fork serving” interval, the meal’s overall duration and the exact time at which you start and end your meal. Phew! You can upload the data via Bluetooth, mobile, or using a USB cable connected to your computer to share (or not share) with family, friends, trainers or nutritionists.

Pre-order your own in pink, green or blue smart fork for $89 from HAPIfork’s Kickstarter and check out the video below.