Runners Log Over 20K Miles (and Counting) for Boston Bombing Victims

And, yes, someone is counting, thanks to the #RunForBoston project.

I received a tweet this morning from Columbus, Ohio, blogger Becca Obergefell, who created a way to capture the Run for Boston love and tabulate all the solidarity miles logged by runners across the country. It’s a pretty simple idea—a web form that feeds into a Google spreadsheet—with a pretty amazing outcome.

As of this writing, there are nearly 4,000 entries on the spreadsheet, totaling 20,096 miles—and counting. But more than just mileage, the document includes story after story about why runners are dedicating miles to the victims in Boston. Here are some of my favorites:

“As a runner it felt like something positive I could do. I completed my own marathon this past week by dedicating 26 miles to those hurt and injured in Boston.””To honor those who lost their lives, or lost their ability to run. And to show that no one can stop the people of this country.”

“Because Runners have to stick together!”

“I’m a marathoner and feel a special connection to runners everywhere. I want Boston to know they are in my heart, prayers, and feet! I’m going to run a total of 1300 miles in 2013 to show my support, especially for the injured who lost one or both legs.”

“I lived in Boston for a few years after college. Worked for Fidelity. Have great memories of a fantastic city with amazing people!! Stay strong BOSTON!”

“Because I can. We are all in this together.”

“I’m running for Boston because terror can’t win if we don’t let it. Just keep running and living.”

Add your miles and stories here, and read more responses here.

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