Treat Yo’ Self: Spring Workout Gear for When You Don’t Know How to Dress for the Weather

Give your closet a much-needed seasonal facelift with these workout threads and accessories.

We know, we know—it’s hard to dress for spring workouts. The temperature can change dramatically from one day to the next, and what starts off as a sunny day often ends up with torrential rain. If you’re looking for some good not-quite-winter-not-quite-summer gear (plus a few extras—awesome gym bag, maybe?—for fun), we’ve got you covered. Here, Karen McGovern, owner of Rittenhouse Sports Specialties in Philly, and Lululemon’s Amanda Casgar, the regional community manager for the brand, were kind enough to give me their picks.

1. Nike Mesh Daybreak Hat, $24.
With dri-FIT fabric, all-over mesh, five-panel design with interior taping, an adjustable strap at the back, and reflective details at the front and back for added visibility, this is one running hat to rule them all.

Women's Mile A Minute Tank
2. Lululemon’s Run: Women’s Mile A Minute Tank, $58.
The criss-cross straps set this top apart, keeping your neck open and unfettered. With great support and a hidden bra pocket to store a key or fob, the Mile A Minute Tank is for busy women everywhere.

IllumiNITE Vigor Soft Shell Jacket
3. IllumiNITE Vigor Soft Shell Jacket, $67.49.
“Reflectivity is big year-round,” McGovern tells me, pointing toward a huge selection of IllumiNITE products. In particular, this soft shell jacket: light weight with a drawstring waist, she hands me a pair of night vision binoculars. “Look,” she says, and I look. And my God, it glows!

Men's Tidal Pullover
4. Lululemon’s Men’s Tidal Pullover, $148.
Designed for yogis on the run, this pullover is extremely lightweight and sleek, perfect for heading straight into the street after a yoga workout.

Nike Two-In-One Men's Running Shorts
5. Nike 7″ Two-In-One Men’s Running Shorts, $58, and Nike Icon Woven Two-In-One Women’s Training Shorts, $31.97.
These babies have built-in compression shorts made with sweat-wicking fabric for support and comfort during a workout—sounds good, right? “And you won’t have to worry about a show on the floor,” McGovern adds with a laugh.

Women's Pace Tight
6. Lululemon’s Run: Women’s Pace Tight, $92.
Moisture wicking fabric, breathable, chafe resistant, reflective: well, hello there, perfect running pants. Nice to meet you.

Women's Free Fall Crop
7. Lululemon’s Women’s Free Fall Crop, $86.
Another yogi favorite, these medium-rise crops have a dropped crotch to keep you flexible and comfy during even the most intense yoga workouts. Bonus: you’ll neither sweat nor freeze to death when you leave the studio.

Juggler Knickers
8. 110% Juggler Knickers, $150
Combining the benefits of compression and an ice bath in a single piece of gear, Juggler Knickers are pants with special pockets for ice. Innovative, yeah? The ice prevents swelling and reduces inflammation, allowing for a speedy recovery.

Men's Everyday Gym Bag
9. Lululemon’s Men’s Everyday Gym Bag, $158.
A durable, accessory-friendly, multipurpose gym bag is often taken for granted—but never again. With a ton of benefits (shoe bag, laptop pocket, exterior zippers), this bag is the ultimate piece of springtime workout travel gear.

Gatorade Carb Energy Chews
10. Gatorade Carb Energy Chews, $32.06 for a box of 14.
“If you eat one of these before a workout, you won’t feel like there’s a rock in your stomach,” McGovern assures. You’ll also receive the energy you need, when you need it, and with less of a crash.