41 Exercises to Do on a Bosu Ball

Be baffled by the Bosu no more! Here's how to work your arms, legs, abs and more on a Bosu ball.

I’m sure you’ve seen a Bosu ball at the gym before. It’s that half-circle stability ball gathering dust in the corner.

I’m also fairly certain that you’ve never used a Bosu ball before, at least not of your own accord. If you have a trainer, he or she may have gotten you to do a few reps of something on one, but us regular gym-going folk tend to look at the contraption and see a whole lot of question marks.

The truth is, the Bosu ball is one awesome piece of equipment. It makes otherwise “eh, that was easy” moves, like squats, much, much harder by adding an element of instability—which means, of course, a better workout. Here, I’ve rounded up and organized 41 terrific moves you can do on a Bosu ball, with links to demos so you can see proper form. Try working, six—one from each group below—into your fitness routine this week, then come back here and tell me how it went.


1. Bosu Ball Forearm Plank
Variation: Extended Arm Plank

2. Bosu Ball Side Plank with Lateral Shoulder Raise

3. Single Leg Bosu Ball Plank

4. Bosu Ball Plank to Tap Out

5. Bosu Ball Scissor Plank

6. Bosu Ball Side Plank with Leg Lift

7. Side Plank and Hip Raise with Arm on the Bosu
Variation: Side Plank and Hip Raise with Feet on the Bosu

8. Side Plank with Hip and Leg Raise with Arm on the Bosu
Variation: Side Plank with Hip and Leg Raise with Feet on the Bosu


9. Bosu Ball Sit-ups

10. Bosu Ball Oblique Crunches

11. Bosu Ball Bicycle Crunches

12. Bosu Single-Leg Ab Extension

13. Bosu Ball Ab Roll-Backs

14. Bosu Ball Ab Twist

15. One-Leg Bosu Bridge


16. Push-Ups with One Hand on the Bosu

17. Two-Handed Push-Ups on the Bosu

18. Bosu Traveling Push-Ups

19. Bosu Push-Ups with Glute Lifts

20. Plyometric Bosu Push-Ups

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21. Bosu Forward Lunges

22. Bosu Reverse Lunges

23. Bosu Ball Side Lunges

24. Bosu Static Lunge with Ball Throw

25. Bosu Squats

26. Bosu Squat with Shoulder Press

27. Bosu Ball Side-to-Side Squats

28. Bosu Squat V-Sit

29. Bosu Hamstring Tilt

30. Bosu Hamstring Flexion


31. Bosu Triceps Dip

32. Bosu Bicep Curl

33. Bosu Ball Shoulder Raise

34. Bosu Rows

35. Bosu Ball Back Extensions

36. Bosu Ball Superman


37. Bosu Burpee

38. Bosu Mountain Climbers

39. Bosu Toe Taps

40. Ice Skater Hop to Bosu

41. Bosu Box Jump

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