Love Pinterest and Fitness Blogs? Check Out the New Website Fit Framed

It looks like Pinterest, but it's all fitness all the time.

If you love to read fitness blogs (you know, other than Be Well Philly), I’ve got a great new site to add to your reading list: Fit Framed. The Pinterest-like website features all user-generated content, but with a specific bent—everything on there is fitness-related.

Visually, the site will remind you of Pinterest, with square photos for each item with a quick, descriptive caption. Click a photo and you’re taken to an original source site off the Fit Framed website. This is a great way to get to know new healthy-living bloggers.

Unlike Pinterest, adding content to Fit Framed isn’t instantaneous. Once you register with the site, you can use the Submit form to send in your content, and the site’s editors will decide whether or not to add it; users will receive an email if their content gets a green light. Although it makes for a slightly clunkier user experience, I kind of like that the content is curated. At least that way, you know what you’re looking at is worthwhile.

Blisstree interviewed the site’s creator Reagan Jones, a Georgia-based dietician, last month. Check out their conversation here.