Humblebrag: This T-Shirt Tells the World You’re Training for Broad Street

With just over a month left until race day, I think you're totally within your rights to start bragging about how awesome you are.

We’re at 33 days and counting until Broad Street. Eeek! If you’ve been sticking to your training plan, you’re totally due for some humblebragging. So, there’s this:

In addition to sort-of-subtly telling the world that you’re an awesome runner—I mean, you are going to kill it for 10 miles, right?—this shirt could come in handy in answering all those annoying questions from your non-runner friends, like:

“Why don’t you want to come out for happy hour?”
>> Shirt says: “Because I’m IN TRAINING, and I’m off alcohol for the time being.”

“Why are you constantly eating?”
>> Shirt says: “Because I’m IN TRAINING, and I’m constantly hungry.”

“Why don’t you want to stay out until 3 a.m. on Friday night?”
>> Shirt says: “Because I’m IN TRAINING, and I have a long run tomorrow morning.”

“Why can’t you come to brunch this morning?”
>> Shirt says: “See above, you idiot.”

Useful, right? The Broad Street Run is selling these shirts for $10 for a cotton tee and $20 for a tech shirt. Buy ’em here.