Philly’s 10 Best Twitter Feeds for Fitness Tips, Healthy Recipes and More

If you're as Twitter-crazed as me (#please #follow #me), these local Twitter feeds are perfect for supplementing your health and fitness knowledge.

:: Cecily Tynan
Awarded a “Best of Be Well Philly” nod last year for her Twitter acumen, 6 ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan continues to make managing 140 characters appear effortless. Whether she’s tweeting about exercising with her family (FYI: dogs joined, but “Cat stayed home,” she said. Bummer.) or updating us on the weather, Cecily is a valuable source of tweeted info, especially for runners.

:: Joy Manning
Joy Manning is an author, editor and recipe developer, as well as a rabid (meant in the best way!) Twitter-er, automatically landing her a spot on the list. Whether she’s advocating Spot Gourmet Burgers or introducing new ways to serve up a chicken dinner, Manning knows how to do Twitter right.

:: Brian Maher
Philadelphia personal trainer (and occasional Be Well contrib) Brian Maher’s Twitter feed is chock-full of links, and that ain’t a bad thing. From surprising facts on sugar and little-known beach body secrets to before-and-after photos of his clients (if you try to tell me that before-and-after photos aren’t your guilty pleasure, you’re LYING), Maher knows what the people want and isn’t afraid to dish it.

:: Philly Healthy Living
Producer Kelly O’Shea is the “face behind the tweets,” as they say, and Philly Healthy Living is a great Twitterfied resource for health and science news, linking to reports from, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News.

:: Deanna Segrave-Daley
Deanna Segrave-Daley is a both a dietitian and food blogger, and her Twitter feed is a shining example of how you can use social media to share fresh, new recipes and nutrition facts. She’s also a mom, and a cool mom at that—one of her tweets reads, “Momma needs a beverage” with a photo of a baby doll sitting in between a bottle of wine and a handle of Svedka. Now that’s something I can get behind.

:: Amy Rushlow
Although she might not be located in the Philly exaaaaactly, managing editor of Amy Rushlow (in Emmaus; close enough) is definitely worth a follow. With a Twitter feed full of inspirational quotes, links and—even better—products that make cleaning out dirty travel mugs easy (THANK GOD, am I right?), I’d say Rushlow is highly followable. See for yourself!

:: Ali Gorman
Ali Gorman is the medical reporter for 6 ABC and joins her fellow Action News associate, Cecily Tynan, on our list for obvious reasons. 6 ABC? Medical reporter? #SayNoMore

:: Healthy Thinker
Health economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, also known as “healthythinker” on Twitter, knows exactly what health-related news is worthy of sharing. She’s not afraid to retweet, and RT she does: from Ezra Klein to Harvard Public Health, Sarasohn-Kahn brings the stories straight to you.

:: Jo-Lynne Shane
Lifestyle blogger Jo-Lynne Shane is a real treat for any and all moms in the Twittersphere: on a daily basis, she can be found sharing articles about keeping you and your kids active and interesting cooking tidbits, like how to make almond milk. Bonus: She’s pretty stylish, too.

:: Be Well Philly
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