March Madness 2013 Fitness Game

A drinking game? Please. During March Madness this year, celebrate the thrill of victory (or the agony of defeat) with a little exercise.

March Madness is officially upon us, folks. If you’re planning on spending much of the next four weeks planted in front of your TV, I have an idea: Why not make really, really good use of all that couch time? I give you: The March Madness 2013 Fitness Game.

Here’s how it works: Print off the list below. Whenever anything on the list happens during a game you’re watching—say, a sick three-pointer or a blocked shot—perform the prescribed exercises and reps. Easy, right? Feel free to get your watch-party friends in on the game, too. A little competition never hurt anybody, right?

For every missed free-throw … do five tuck jumps.

For every swooshed three-pointer … do 15 squat pulses.

Whenever a player’s mom is shown on the screen … do 20 sit-ups.

Any time two players chest-bump … do 10 mountain climbers.

Every time you or someone you’re watching with mentions their high-school glory days … do five plank up-downs (up and down on both arms counts as one).

For every intentional, clock-stopping foul … do five double leg lifts.

Any time someone calls a time-out … do lateral lunges for the time-out’s duration.

Any time the teams are within two points of each other … do 10 jumping jacks.

For every blocked shot … do 10 reverse lunges (left and right is one).

Any time there’s a turnover … do five squat jumps.

Whenever someone misses a lay-up … do a wall-sit for 30 seconds.

For every traveling violation … do five burpees.

Any time a member of the school’s band is shown on the screen … do 10 lunge jumps (left and right is one).

For every no-look pass … do 20 crunches.

For each alley-oop … do 10 push-up twists.

Whenever there’s a game-winning buzzer-beater … do 10 speed skaters (left and right is one).

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