Smartphone Breathalyzer Is Your New Sober Best Friend (VIDEO)

In a crafty effort to stop drunk driving, the dudes behind Alcohoot present you with an accessory that will call you a cab when you're too wasted to do it yourself.

The world’s first smartphone breathalyzer is almost here. Presenting… drum roll, please… Alcohoot!

The sleek device, about the size of a matchbox, connects to an Alcohoot app on your smartphone that will accurately display your breath-alcohol content (that’s BAC for short) at the end of a wild night. It’ll then present you with alternatives to driving yourself home, such as: numbers for taxi companies, open restaurants for your bread-eating and water-drinking pleasure, or the ability to phone a not-drunk friend. Even cooler, you can set a “Target BAC” and Alcohoot will start a timer showing you approximately how long it will take your body to return to your target BAC. What?! Pinch yourself. It’s real.

Alcohoot is in the late product development stage and the company hopes to release it soon. Watch the vide below to see how it works, and sign up for updates here.