The Checkup: Fruits and Veggies Are Mood Boosters, Study Says

Are apples and carrots nature's Prozac? A new study says yes.

• Have you eaten any fruits or veggies yet today? Better get on it—a new study found that the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the calmer, happier and more energetic you are. The study examined 281 subjects—all young adults, a mix of men and women—who agreed to keep an online food diary for 21 days. In addition to tracking what they ate, the subjects rated how they felt using positive and negative adjectives to describe their mood. In the end, researchers found that fruits and veggies strongly correlated to sunnier demeanors. “[Study author Tamlin] Conner and her team ran additional analyses and found that eating fruits and vegetables predicted improvements in positive mood the next day, suggesting that healthy foods may improve mood,” PsychCentral reports. They also found that seven to eight servings of fruit and veggies a day (about a cup each) was the magic mood-boosting number. So I’ll ask again: Have you eaten any fruits or veggies yet today?

• One point for Team Yoga: a new study found yoga may help people with atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm problem, manage their symptoms. ReutersHealth has more.

• Hey, looks like eggs are back in style: A new analysis found that, for most people, eating an egg a day is not bad for your heart. Researchers found no evidence that doing so increases your risk for heart disease or stroke. The New York Times has more.

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