Breast Assets: The Best Sports Bras for Every Body Type

Your sports bra problems solved—for good.

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Let’s face it, ladies: We’ll happily fork over a small fortune for the right bra to accentuate that little black dress, but when it comes to sports bras, many of us are still shopping in the one-size-fits-all discount bin. Wearing the proper support while you break a sweat is more important than you think. “If the fit isn’t right, all that movement can cause sagging and loss of shape,” says Helen Eilert of KOP’s Intimacy boutique, who has 14 years of bra-fitting experience. That’s irreversible damage that can only be corrected with surgery. Yikes.

Good news: the right sports bra isn’t impossible to find—you just have to know what to look for. Here, the five best bras to solve your biggest fit problems.

Problem: “I wear two sports bras—at least.”
Surprise: Too much compression is a bad thing. Overly tight sports bras hold the breasts in but don’t prevent movement in other directions—up, down, left, right—which causes discomfort and stretching. Large-chested women (D to H cups) should try a Freya Active sports bra; the seamed cups and underwire encapsulate each breast for all-direction support. $62 at Intimacy, King of Prussia.

Problem: “My cups runneth over when I’m in downward-facing dog.”
Cleavage is fine for date night—but not for your yoga class. If you’re spilling out, try the high-impact, higher-cut All Sport Bra, best suited for B through D cups. $52 at Lululemon, multiple locations.

Problem: “Er, headlights. On.”
Whether it’s the extra blood flow or cooler temperatures, lots of us have girls that stand- at-attention during workouts. One word: p­adding. Try the Sugoi Women’s Jackie Bra, which has removable padded cups and flat seams for a textureless fit. $40 at Indigo Schuy, Chestnut Hill.

Problem: “Ugh. Uniboob.”
Yup, you can get the whole separate-and-lift thing from a sports bra, too. Under Armour’s Armour Bra defies the dreaded uniboob with sweat-wicking molded cups. Bonus: It comes in actual bra sizes—34A, 36C—for best fit. $57.99 at Nordstrom, King of Prussia and Cherry Hill.

Problem: “Wait, people wear sports bras to work out?”
If lounging is your only objective, you need Gap’s Racerback bra, the PJs of sports bras. It comes in a rainbow of colors and features buttery-soft material with seamless, wireless non-padded cups. $20 at Gap, multiple locations.

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