The Checkup: This May Be the Healthiest Red Wine Ever

A scientist has tweaked the antioxidants in red wine, making a concoction that might be the healthiest sip of alcohol you'll ever have.

• I’m not going to go so far as to say this drink is a cure-all, but whoa. An Australian biochemist says he’s managed to come up with an antioxidant-enhanced red wine that could prove effective in alleviating ailments like arthritis, chronic fatigue and other inflammation-related conditions, AFP reports. What’s more: it actually tastes good. The key is the resveratrol, a naturally occurring compound in red wine that’s been linked to all kinds of good things, like curbing breast cancer growth, blocking the formation of fat cells, improving metabolic function, and more. In the new “healthy wine,” Brisbane-based biochemist Greg Jardine increased the resveratrol levels and made the antioxidants more fat-soluable. Doing so had a two-fold effect: it made it easier for the body to absorb the antioxidants and—surprise bonus!—resulted in a more delicious wine. Anybody want to go in on a case with me?

• In the category of “Things That Are Not Actual Science But Pretend to Be and Are Hilarious,” this: a “study” (please note the quotes there) by St. Tropez self-tanner which found that women are at their absolute ugliest at exactly 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The good news is, if you’re a woman and reading this right now, you made it over the mid-week hag-hump. Go you. Jezebel (of course) has all the details.

• And in the category of “News You Can Actually Use” (promise!), I give you this: a study which found that if you tend to overeat while you watch T.V. (you know–like, downing an entire bag of Herr’s chips), taking smaller bites could help you rein it in. Read more here.

Photo: Shutterstock