The Checkup: Why Every Eagles Player Should Have A Lot of Sex Before Sunday

A study finds that sex boosts testosterone levels, which in turn boosts athletic performance. I hope the Birds are reading this.

• Alright, Eagles fans, let’s be frank. The fact of the matter is, we’re staring down a 3-9 record right now, so I don’t know about you but I’m willing to throw anything—everything—at the wall and see what sticks. Which brings me to: sex. espnW reports on the connection between sex and sports this week, noting a study which found that in both men and women, testosterone levels “increased across the evening when there was intercourse and decreased when there was none.” And since athletes need testosterone to helps them be aggressive, powerful and strong, it stands to reason that a little romp between the sheets before a sporting event—like, say, the Eagles game on Sunday—certainly couldn’t hurt. Hey, I’m just putting two and two together here.

• Ever wonder why a candy bar tastes so darn good when you’re dieting? A new study found it’s because guilt makes food taste better. No, really—TIME has the deets.

• Looks like Russell Brand isn’t the only dude in Hollywood rocking downward-facing dog. Director James Cameron says he used yoga to get in shape for a seven-mile deep-sea dive, for which he was crammed his six-foot-three-inch body into a teeny-tiny 43-inch sphere. I kid you not.

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