The Checkup: Runner Poised to Join 100,000-Mile Club at the Philadelphia Marathon

If all goes according to plan, 56-year-old Philly native Mike Fanelli will run is 100,000th mile on November 18th at the Philadelphia Marathon.

• For this story about Philly-born masters runner Mike Fanelli, we go all the way to the Left Coast—San Anselmo, California, to be exact, just north of San Francisco, where Fanelli has been logging some serious miles lately. According to an article in the Marin Independent Journal, Fanelli will return to Philly, where he grew up, on November 18th to run his 40th Philadelphia Marathon, during which he will also join the so-called 100,000-Mile Club, a teeny-tiny group of runners who can show that they’ve run at least 100,000 miles in their lives. As the article points out, that amounts to running five miles a day, every single day, for 55 years. Fanelli said he realized two years ago that he could match up this year’s Philly Marathon with the 100,000-mile achievement if he ran every day between then and now; he says he hasn’t missed a day of running. And lest you belittle this guy’s achievement by saying something asinine like, “Yeah, well, I bet he’s slow, right?” check out his PRs: 4:16 for the mile and 2:25 (!!) for the marathon. So. There’s that. Read more about him here. (Hat tip to the Greater Philadelphia Track Club for the heads up.)

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