The Checkup: What Hurricane Sandy Looked Like from Space

Check out the breathtaking satellite photos.

• Now that the worst is behind us (you hold up okay?), let’s take a peek at some of the seriously amazing photos of Hurricane Sandy caught from satellites. The craziest thing is the size—outer bands of the storm stretched from Florida to Maine. Video shows the storm gathering strength and swirling as it moves up the East Coast. Then … well, you know what happens from there. Read more about it here.

• Add this to your list of reasons to exercise today: It could help keep your brain from shrinking. A new study, reported in the New York Times, shows that exercise can help protect against age-related brain changes, and is more mentally stimulating than other activities.

• Looks like President Obama’s biggest problem on the healthcare reform front is getting people to understand it. A new poll shoes that Americans are too confused by the healthcare act to like it. The Los Angeles Times has more.