The Checkup: Science Finds New Reasons to Drink Tea

New studies on why tea may be beneficial to your health

• The health benefits of tea have been debated in science for years. But at a gathering of the best minds in the field last week (yes, the field of tea), researchers presented studies that pointed to new reasons why tea may be beneficial to your health. As reported in The Atlantic, three new studies found that green tea may promote weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and blood-fat oxidation, and improve bone and muscle strength in women; and black tea may reduce blood pressure. Of course, even the experts says the findings warrant more research, but considering that tea has no inherent calories, it’s a pretty low-risk diet change for anyone seeking these kinds of benefits. If you’re eager to get steeping, here’s a list of five great tea rooms in Philly and a guide to finding the perfect tea for you.

• This is funny: Mitt Romney’s doctor released a letter declaring the Republican candidate fit for the presidency. Wait, that’s not the funny part. The funny part was when someone arranged said doctor’s note into a poem. It’s here.

• New research may have found why (and how) your brain gets addicted to sweets, thanks to a study involving rats and M&Ms.

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