The Checkup: Why It’s So Easy to Get Distracted at Work

I dare you. Stand up right now and scream: "Be quiet! I'm trying to concentrate!"

• Confession: I got so distracted by the background noises in my office while reading this NPR story on how distracting office noises are, that I had to read the article twice. Turns out, we’re all prone to these kinds of productivity-busting moments of distraction because it’s so darn hard to make ourselves un-hear things going on around us. And those low-frequency hums of the HVAC system and the buzz of fluorescent lights are even more distracting than a coworker carrying on three cubes away about the rager he went to last night—which means, you’re even more screwed in an empty office, productivity-wise, than you are in one full of people. Funny, right? Now, go ahead and start reading again from the top of this blog post, since I know you weren’t paying attention to anything I wrote the first time around.

• Speaking of productivity, here’s how to be more productive in life: Make your bed. See? Mom is always right.

• Ugh. Nothing funny about this. CNN reports that eating disorders in children are on the rise.