The Checkup: Lego Stuck Up Kid’s Nose for Three Years

Here's what happens when your kid sticks things up his nose with abandon.

• I’m probably horrible for thinking this is hilarious, but oh well: Six-year-old Isaak Lasson learned the hard way that sometimes when you put things up your nose, they don’t come down again. TODAY Moms posted a story about the pint-size Salt Lake City resident, who apparently has a knack for shoving things into his sinuses. After three years of having trouble breathing and visiting countless doctors, who never came up with a diagnosis, Isaak finally mentioned that he’d once stuck some spaghetti up his nose, “but that was a long time ago.” Voila—a clue! One trip to a specialist later (are there really people who specialize in Things Lodged Up Kids Noses?), and it was discovered that Isaak had a fungus-wrapped Lego piece stuck way high up in his tiny little nostril. His dad asked the obvious question: “‘Dude, how did that even get in there?” The kid has no idea or recollection of doing it, but let’s be honest—he was three at the time. After posting the story earlier this week, the blog solicited stories from other moms about what they’ve discovered up their little ones’ noses. Those stories were added to the bottom of the post. Tooooootally worth a read.

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