The Checkup: Cheese May Reduce Diabetes Risk

Pass the Swiss, please!

• My best friend, who’s also the biggest cheese lover I know will, be positively over the moon when she reads this: Science wants you to eat cheese. In a new study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers examined the data on the role of diet in health and found an inverse relationship between cheese and diabetes risk—that is, as cheese-eating went up, diabetes risk went down. They found that cheese eaters had a 12 percent lower risk for developing diabetes than those who lay off the stuff. Why, you ask? Well, researchers aren’t entirely sure, but “they postulate that it could be something connected to the fermentation process involved in cheese making that triggers some kind of protective reaction when the stuff is consumed,” reports Gizmodo. Of course, you obviously don’t want to overdo it; a diet with too much cheese won’t do you (or your love handles) any good. But enjoying a slice or two every now and then? Don’t mind if I do.

• The answer to all your vertigo problems? YouTube. No really, it works, according to researchers.

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