Celeb Pulse: Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen Are Yoga Bros

Plus: Volkswagen's mini Darth Vader is having heart surgery, Cameron Diaz is writing a nutrition book, and more.

Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen Are Yoga Bros. Aw, this is cute. Funny guy Russell Brand has invited the basketcase Charlie Sheen to practice yoga with him. Friends of Brand aren’t having it, calling Sheen a bad influence (remember his bizarre breakdown?). Brand, a recovered addict, must see something in Sheen that his friends don’t, because the two have been spending bunches of quality time together lately. [NY Daily News]

Volkswagen’s Little Darth Vader Is Having Open-Heart Surgery. Seven-year-old Max Page, a recurring actor on The Young and the Restless and Prime Suspect and Volkswagen’s famous mini Darth Vader, was born with a congenital heart defect that has sent him into the operating room seven times already. On his next go-around, his doctor will be putting in a new pulmonary valve which will make it easier for his heart to pump blood to the rest of his body. May the Force be with you, little man. [People]

Cameron Diaz: Teen Nutrition Guru? Cameron Diaz is writing a nutrition book for teenage girls. Its goal? “She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important,” a publishing source told E! News. Diaz is planning to throw herself into the cause wholeheartedly. Before writing, she’ll be visiting high schools around the country to talk to teens about their food choices and what is important to them. This is great and all, but what we really want to know is how she got those arms. [E! Online]

GMA’s Robin Roberts Diagnosed with Bone Marrow Disease. On Monday the Good Morning America anchor and five-year cancer survivor broke the news of her diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a disease of the blood and bone marrow. Roberts will receive a bone-marrow donation from her sister, a miraculous match, later this year. The diagnosis is a scary one if you Google it, but Roberts is young and fit her so chances of beating the disease are fairly high. Since her announcement, there has been an 1,800% increase of participants in the national bone marrow registry, Be The Match. [ABC]