The Checkup: Exercise More, Earn More at Work, Study Says

A new study found that employees who exercise regularly earn 9 percent more than those who don't.

• It feels like almost every day I give you some new reason to work out more: It’s good for your heart! It makes you less of a wimp! It can induce orgasms (really)! If today’s news doesn’t send you running to the gym, I’m afraid nothing will. A new study found that employees who exercise regularly earn higher pay—9 percent more—than those who don’t. The study employed a statistical method called “propensity score matching,” whereby subjects were scored according to how closely they fit a general profile of someone who exercises. Forbes reports: “By comparing subjects with similar scores—only some of whom exercise—[study author Vasilios] Kosteas was able to conclude that there is a connection between exercise habits and higher earnings.” Sadly for us, he’s not sure why, so further research is needed. The Forbes writer connects his own dots, though, saying that he exercised regularly at work for over 25 years and found that it improved his energy, focus, mood and motivation—all things a boss would certainly notice and appreciate. He also says that as a manager, some of his best employees were the ones who exercised regularly. Sure, so far all we have is a statistical correlation and some anecdotal evidence. But with a potential 9 percent raise on the line, it’s probably worth it to go do a few pushups, don’t you think?

• I bet you thought you were doing yourself a huge favor by getting a spray tan instead of opting for the tanning bed. You should know that scientists are reeeeally worried about the potential side effects—including lung cancer—of inhaling the DHA that’s being sprayed on your skin. There’s no cold, hard evidence yet, but they’re starting to do more research. Buyer beware.

• Factoid of the day: 17 percent of meals ordered at restaurants in the U.S. are eaten in the car, according to the Wall Street Journal. Translation: that’s a LOT of fast food.