Fresh Press: Best Juicers to Buy Right Now

As soda devotees ditch the Coke, and juice bars pop up on every other block, it's never been cooler to go fresh-squeezed—especially with one of these four stellar options.

The Lifetimer: Champion 2000+
This masticating juicer (it slowly chews up produce rather than high-speed-grinding it) takes longer to extract juice, but because it works more slowly, it generates less heat, keeping nutritious enzymes intact. It can also make jams, baby food, nut butters and ice cream. $244.99 at Fante’s, Philadelphia.


The Showpiece: Norwalk 275
The best of the best. This hydraulic-press juicer grinds fruits and vegetables down to the cellular level, for silky, nutrient-rich juice. At 56.5 pounds, it’s more than double the weight of most models, but the high yield and sweet 12-year warranty justify the heft—and the price tag. $2,495 at


The Lazy: Pickup and Delivery
Philly-based detox specialist Ryan Crown juices for more than 100 provate clients, delivering fresh homemade varietals to area homes and offices Monday through Thursday, starting at 6 a.m. Or get your fix with Lithe’s line of juices, which you can pick up at its Rittenhouse and Old City studios.