The Checkup: Sugar-Free Slurpees Coming to 7-Eleven

The sugar-loaded frozen drinks are going on a diet.

• I personally can’t remember the last time I stepped foot inside a 7-Eleven (thank God we’re in the Land of Wawa), but if a stop in the convenience store is part of your regular routine, you’ll want to know this: 7-Eleven is debuting sugar-free slurpees called Slurpee Lites nationwide on May 23rd. They’re made with no-sugar Fanta sodas and come in flavors like sugar-free mango and cherry limeade. TIME Healthland reports that the drinks contain half the calories of regular slurpees and just 20 calories in an eight-ounce serving (but who only gets eight ounces, really?). Experts are on the fence as to whether the slurpee makeover is actually a good thing. One the one hand, if people are going to drink them, anyway—sugary drinks are a big reason why our waistlines have gotten so, well, big—then at least this gives them an option with fewer calories. But calling something “diet” when its really still junk food can have an adverse effect: You might think you’re okay consuming more than you otherwise would have, when in reality the extra calories bite you in the end. For what it’s worth, I’ll stick with water. And Wawa.

• A new analysis by the Agriculture Department found that eating healthy is actually healthier than eating junk food (got that?), a finding that flies in the face of previous research which found the opposite to be true. Of course, there are dissenters.

• Americans are happy to donate organs, a new poll finds—so long as they’re compensated.