Celeb Pulse: Rachel Zoe Is Terrifyingly Skinny (Again)

The Hollywood health and fitness gossip we're buzzing about this week

Someone Give Rachel Zoe a Cheeseburger Already. Celebrity stylist/E! reality star Rachel Zoe walked the red carpet at the Met Gala in New York this week. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to hide her terrifying rail-like body under 72 yards of ivory fringe, reigniting whispers of an eating disorder. (Zoe refuted similar gossip in January 2010.) Eating disorder or not, when your chest is literally concave because there’s not enough meat on it, I think it’s time to eat a cheeseburger. Or, you know, 10. [Us Weekly]

Jessica Simpson’s Kid Is Enormous. At least Jessica Simpson now has physical proof as to why she seemed to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy: Her daughter is freaking huge! The proud new mom gave birth last week to baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson, who clocked in at a whopping 9 pounds 13 ounces. [TIME]

Breaking News! Vanessa Hudgens Went to the Gym. Things I will never understand: paparazzi pictures of celebrities going to or from their gyms. People, who caaaares? I prefer to picture my favorite starlets in their natural element: on a red carpet all glammed up for an award show. So this is the one and only time I will draw attention to the fact that someone in Hollywood went to the gym. (Unless, of course, that someone did or said something hilarious in the parking lot near their gym. Consider this my disclaimer. Moving on.) [Fit Perez]

Kim Kardashian Tweets the Word “Gluten-Free,” My Head Explodes. Kim! What are you thinking?! Did you learn nothing from Miley Cyrus when she tweeted about eating gluten-free and seemed to imply that her restricted diet had everything to do with her newly slimmed bod? Nothing good comes of celebrities tweeting about their diet choices. Nothing. [Us Weekly]

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, Her Trainer Wants to Train You. Gunnar Peterson, trainer to the stars (see: Kim Kardashian, Minka Kelly, Sofia Vergara), is launching The Gunnar Challenge (creative name, huh?) on May 21st. The eight-week online nutrition and exercise program offers daily workouts and motivational tips that Peterson calls unironically calls “verbal vitamins.” [Parade]