The Ultimate Broad Street Run Playlist

Pump-up songs to help you push through to the finish line

I have a confession to make: I am completely dependent on music when I run. I can lift weights, row and bike in silence just fine, but if my iPod were to freeze mid-run, we’d have an issue. I mean, I’d force myself to finish the workout or race, but I’d be miserable, and I’m 100 percent positive I wouldn’t be as fast.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll need an awesome playlist to help you get through Broad Street on May 6th. I gathered song suggestions from fellow runners and inserted a few of my own favorites to bring you (drumroll, please) the Ultimate Broad Street Playlist, 40 kick-ass songs to help you get through Broad Street—or any ol’ run—with a smile. Whether you’re celebrating how strong you feel or need a mental boost, we have a song for you!

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Tell us: What are your favorite running tunes? Share in the comments!

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