Philadelphia Marathon Registration Is Open

I can't even fathom thinking about a race in November right now, but here goes.

Holy smokes. Registration for the Philadelphia Marathon opened yesterday—can you believe it? We’re not even through Broad Street yet, and we’re already talking about a race at Thanksgiving? People, this is why time flies.

Nevertheless, if you have plans to crank out 26.2, or even 13.1, on November 18th, you can go ahead and register now. On the bright side, this gives you ample time to train. And don’t forget, there’s always the Rothman 8K on November 17th if you’re looking for a shorter distance to tackle.

More good news: Sign up now, and you’ll get a discounted registration fee. Yesterday, a super-early-bird marathon-entry fee of $85—available only to the first 1,000 registrants—went like hotcakes. But you can still get a bib for the relative bargain of $95 through April 30th; after that, entry jumps to $110 on May 1st, then $125 on June 1st. Registration for the half marathon is $75 through the end of the month, before increasing to $85, then $100.

Show of hands: Are you planning to run the Philadelphia Marathon this year? Tell us your goal finish time in the comments.