The Checkup: This 86-Year-Old Woman Kills It at Gymnastics

She puts me to shame in terms of bendiness.

• I’ll let the video do the talking today.

• Ok, now, at the risk of sounding like an 86-year-old grandmother: I don’t understand kids these days. TIME’s Healthland blog posted a story about some trendy new cinnamon-chugging challenge, whereby kids are downing a tablespoon of cinnamon—an apparently difficult task—only to end up choking, gasping for air and, in the worst cases, landing in the hospital. Apparently, pneumonia is even a risk here; it can developed when a person inhales cinnamon and it gets trapped in the lungs. And this is fun? What happened to video games?

• Apparently, Google plays mind games with its employees to help them make healthier eating choices. A little Big Brother-ish? Maybe. But is this a bad thing?