The Checkup: Guys, Would You Try ‘Broga’?

A new kind of yoga designed specifically for dudes

• I bet you can count on one hand the number of guys you know who do yoga regularly. For whatever reason, the practice has largely been dominated by ladies. (If you’ve ever tried to get your man to go to class with you, you know what I’m talking about.) That’s why two guys in Massachusetts developed broga, a new kind of yoga practice aimed specifically at guys. It takes away some of the less relatable parts of yoga—Sanskrit, spirituality—and replaces it with dude-approved soundtracks that include Radiohead and Bob Dylan tunes, and moves that build balance and strength; increased flexibility is a side benefit, but not a central focus. The idea was to make yoga more athletic so that guys who come from sports backgrounds will feel comfortable and challenged. Right now, the classes are only available at a couple studios in New England, but the founders are offering teacher trainings. Any Philly yogis willing to check it out and bring it to town? Somehow, I think it’d be a hit.

• Ah, Wawa—beloved supplier of coffee and hoagies by many a Philadelphian. The convenience store chain will soon be adding something new: doctors—well, for employees, not for you (so don’t look for them next to the Bandaids). Wawa is testing out a new pilot program in which a doctor makes “house calls” to Wawa stores to see employees who lack time to schedule an office visit. They’ve been trying it out in 30 Wawa stores, and so far it’s been a hit.

• Remember Watson, the computer that won Jeopardy!? It’ll soon be put to good use at a New York hospital, where it’ll help make diagnoses.