The Checkup: Should Yoga Go to the Olympics?

Hey yogis, you've got to tell me what you think about this.

• I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this: TIME reports that the organization USA Yoga is bidding to become the official governing body of yoga in the U.S., has applied to the United States Olympic committee to be officially registered, and is trying to form an international yoga federation to qualify as an Olympic sport for the 2016 games. Got all that? USA Yoga founder Rajashree Choudhury says yoga competitions, which are common in India, focus on the physical and athletic aspects of yoga rather than the meditative. But does turning yoga—usually thought of as a personal practice—into a competition, well, sort of defeat the purpose? I always figured you weren’t supposed to compare yourself to the person on the mat next to you (even if you sneak a peek every now and again to see if your crow pose looks better than your neighbor’s). (Admit it—you know you do it.) Yogis?

• A broken heart hurts as much as a broken bone, according to new research. The pain is processed in the same part of the brain, it seems.

• From Deadspin: “Some Dude Won The Fort Worth Marathon By Six Minutes, But Was DQed Because He Didn’t Register.” Thrill of Victory, meet Agony of Defeat.