The Checkup: One in Six Surgeons Abuses Alcohol, Survey Says

Surgeons have a higher rate of alcohol dependency than the rest of us. Yikes.

• Well, this is troubling. Results of a recent survey found that 15 percent of U.S. surgeons report problems with alcohol dependency or abuse. By comparison, the alcoholism rate among the general population hovers at about nine percent. The results of the survey were published in a the journal Archives of Surgery earlier this month. As Reuters notes, an accompanying editorial casts doubt on the findings (phew), arguing the response rate—7,200 survey respondents out of a pool of 25,000—is too low to draw real conclusions. Still, I think one surgeon with an alcohol problem is too many. Don’t you?

• Three cheers for citrus! A study found that women who eat a lot of grapefruits and oranges have a decreased risk for stroke.

• Is it mean that I laughed out loud—like, reeeeally loud—when I read this headline? “Half-marathon runners in Wrexham sent the wrong way by pranksters”.