The Checkup: This Guy Has Not Missed a Run in 25 Years

Talk about dedication ...

• Tell me: How could you not click on a link titled, “The 25-Year Running Streak: One Man’s Quest to Never Skip a Workout”? I mean, I skipped two workouts just last week. So of course I bit, and I’m happy I did. Turns out, this guy’s name is Stuart Calderwood, he’s 53 years old, and in the last 25 years he’s never missed a day of running. He’s going for a record for the longest running streak ever. And get this: There’s an organization called the United States Running Streak Association that actually tracks these things. The current longest running streak is 43 years, so Calderwood has a ways to go. But he has no trouble staying motivated and moving; go here to see how.

• Oh, the mystery that is vitamin D. The latest study found that a mother’s low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy might impair her child’s language development later in life. Supplements, researchers say, might be able to help. (Personally, I’d vote for a nine-month-long beach vacation to soak up some vitamin D-rich rays—but that’s just me.)

• Would you opt for a smaller serving of fries at a restaurant if presented with the option? A recent study found that a third of us, in fact, would. Researchers tested the hypothesis on diners at a Chinese restaurant, where rice is served as a side dish. When asked if they wanted to decrease their serving size to save 200 calories, one in three said they would. The idea behind the research, as USA Today puts it, is to tap into the “psychology of eating to find ways to trim portions without people feeling cheated.” Turns out, it could be as simple as presenting a choice.