To Do: Slow Burn Cleanse at Fusion Cross-Training

Interested in trying a cleanse, but don't know where to start? Fusion Cross-Training can help.

It’s the new year, so of course we’ve been talking about cleanses for the last two weeks. If you’re curious but nervous to dive in, here’s a great solution: The Slow Burn Cleanse challenge at Fusion Cross-Training.

The Center City gym is offering a 10-day cleanse program—with step-by-step guidelines, a grocery list and recipes, expert tips, and a one-on-one eating assessment with a nutrition coach—to help you do it right. The cleanse, which runs from January 16th through 26th, is aimed to help you feel less bloated, enhance digestion, have less cravings, understand hunger cues and increase workout performance. Learn more and sign up here.

$47, January 16 through 26, Fusion Cross-Training, 105 South 12th Street, 215-733-0633