Generic Lipitor Is Finally Available

The cost-savings for consumers could be huge.

This will come as great news for anyone on Lipitor: generic versions of the cholesterol-lowering medication are finally available. NPR followed the road to a generic option in depth for the several weeks, up until Pfizer’s patent for Lipitor expired at the end of November. In that time, reports NPR, two generics have already cropped up; in their first full week on the market, they claimed 59 percent of sales.

It’s easy to see why; the cost-savings for consumers is pretty huge. While all insurance and prescription plans differ, you’ll probably look to pay about $10 for one-month’s worth of the generic drugs. Although Lipitor’s offering a $4 copayment coupon for its drug right now—an attempt to hold on to market share—you’d normally pay about $25 for a one-month supply. So consumers are looking at $120 a year versus $300. Money talks, don’t you think?

NPR has a breakdown of price comparisons at various drugstore chains and retailers. It differs from store to store, but—spoiler alert—the generic always wins.