Flash Mob Raises Money for CHOP (Video)

A group of Children's Hospital supporters turned out for flash mobs at two area malls this weekend.

Yes, yes, I know should be sick of flash mobs already. But if I’m being perfectly honest, I have to admit that I still get a kick out of watching a bunch of strangers get together and perform a massive choreographed dance in unison. I think it stems from my latent desire for my life to be one big, giant musical, where anybody could break into song and dance at any given time about any old thing.

But I digress.

The latest flash mob comes courtesy of a group of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia supporters, who gathered at two area malls on Saturday to perform a flash-mob-style dance. According to a Facebook invite posted ahead of the gatherings, 158 people had signed up to join in; by the looks of it, all those folks, plus a few more, turned out for the occasion.

The dance was meant to raise money for CHOP. As of this writing, the group is just $31 short of its $10,000 goal. Go over here if you want to contribute.