The Checkup: Ladies, This Is Your Brain During Orgasm

Researchers made the first ever 3D video showing a woman's brain activity during orgasm.

• You probably won’t get hot and bothered by this video, per se, but it’s still pretty interesting. Researchers at Rutgers created the first ever 3D video mapping brain activity during orgasm. And, shock of shocks, they looked at a woman’s brain instead of a guy’s. TIME’s Healthland blog reports that the brain scans were made after several brave women came to, um, sexual climax during MRI scans (yes, yes, they masturbated while lying inside a plastic tube). Then, the researchers used the brain scans to create the video, which shows activity in over 80 brain regions. As TIME reports, understanding this kind of brain activity isn’t just for kicks and giggles; it could prove vital in treating conditions where libido is diminished or nonexistent, as in people with depression. So actually, it’s pretty neat stuff. Go over here if you’d like to see the video for yourself.

• In other 3D news (yes, believe it or not, there’s more), researchers out in Washington State came up with a way to use a 3D printer (I didn’t even know those existed!) to make bones. They rewired a pretty run-of-the-mill printer to enable it to create bone-like material that can be used in surgery, for dental work and in osteoporosis treatment. The bone material essentially acts like scaffolding on which new bone can grow; it dissolves—side effect-free, so far—once the bone regenerates. Video of the printer in action is over here.

• One point for the Medical Marijuana Pro Column for this new study, which found that legalizing medical marijuana actually leads to fewer traffic-related deaths. The connection? Researchers think that if people have easier access to pot, they’ll substitute that substance for alcohol. And they theorize that since alcohol’s often consumed socially—which often means driving to and from your destination—smoking marijuana might be more of a in-the-privacy-of-your-own-home sort of activity. No driving required.