The Checkup: Have Red Hair? You Probably Hate the Dentist

Blame your genes!

• Here’s some interesting Thanksgiving-dinner-conversation fodder should the chit-chat get drab: People with red hair don’t like the dentist. Okay, okay, it’s not quite that simple. Let me explain: MSNBC’s Body Odd blog reports on a study which found that people with a gene variant common in redheads were more than twice as likely to avoid dentist appointments out of fear or anxiety. They’re not exactly sure why, but one idea is that redheads with the gene are more resistant to pain meds, which means trips to the dentist are actually more painful for them than the rest of us. So if you have red hair, you might want to ask for an extra shot of Novacain—just to be safe.

• Let this story be a lesson to you, if you’re considering knock-off plastic surgery: Don’t do it. A Florida woman ended up with a rear-end full of cement when a fake doctor shot her up with the stuff. No joke! Also? Terrifying.

• Here’s a story to feel good about: Philly’s own Fred Duling will complete his 52nd straight Thanksgiving Day Schuylkill Navy Run this year. Only there’s a twist to this story—one that I’ll let Runner’s World tell you about. (Word to the wise: find some tissues before clicking over.)