The Checkup: Awesome Inventions Edition

Self-washing fruit! GPS for Alzheimer's patients! A smartphone-enabled prosthesis! People are so smart.

• I love this.Why? Because I really hate those dumb stickers plastered all over my bananas and apples. Newly developed Fruitwash Labels take the place of the ol’ stickers and, when rubbed, dissolve into soap and actually wash the fruit for you, removing wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria. This is brilliance at work, people. Pure genius.

• And another brilliant idea I probably should have thought of ages ago: a GPS shoe for Alzheimer’s patients. That way, if they wander off, you can find them.

• Gah! More! Someone made a prosthetic arm with a built-in smartphone dock so that people without hands can actually pick up their phones and use them like everybody else. A 50-year-old British man is trying it out.