Study Finds No Cellphone-Cancer Link

And it's the largest such study ever completed. Huzzah!

Remember flip phones?

Here’s a reason to love Danes for more than just midcentury-modern furniture: A new Danish study on cellphones, the largest ever conducted, found no evidence of cancer risk from using mobile phones. The study, which looked at 350,000 people, found no difference in cancer rates between those who’ve been using cellphones for 10 years and those who haven’t.

A smaller study last year found a possible link between very heavy cellphone use and a rare type of brain tumor, prompting an international cancer-research agency to classify cellphones as “possibly carcinogenic.” But that study was much smaller—only 14,000 people were culled for data, and of those only some were considered “heavy users”—so the data is pretty much statistically insignificant.

The Associated Press has more details, if you want ’em.