Office Challenge Contestants Talk Accomplishments

Our teams are now more than halfway to the end of the contest. So naturally, we wanted to know what they've accomplished so far

If you’ve ever set a goal to shed a few pounds, you know it’s all about the victories along they way. If you don’t count ’em, you end up losing sight of your goal all together—and oftentimes, throwing in the towel.

I figured many of our Office Challenge contestants were in that boat. They’re now more than halfway through the eight-week contest, just about the time the initial excitement finally wears off. So I wanted them to remember why they signed up for the challenge to begin with, and take stock of the victories they’ve already experienced in just four weeks’ time.

Boy, did they fill my inbox with inspiring victories: learning to eat healthier, running two miles—no stopping—for the first time, dropping a dress size. Check out all their victories over here, and help cheer them on to the finish.

Four weeks to go, contestants. You can do it!