How to: Make Your Own Halloween Candy

Five candies you can make at home—all treats, no tricks

Photograph from ThinkStock

Halloween may be a month away, but the candy is already lining the aisles. In super-size bags, nonetheless. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without totally abandoning your diet, try these five easy recipes for healthier, homemade versions of your favorite goodies.

Maple Candy
Made from pure maple syrup, this candy is free of refined added sugars and contains plenty of manganese, a superstar for bone health. And with just one ingredient, it’s perfect for the culinarily-challenged.

Candy Corn
What would Halloween be without candy corn? This DIY confection still packs a good amount of sugar but is free of the gelatin used in brand-name versions. This one’s for you, vegans!

Blackberry Jellies
Jelly Belly’s got nothing on this chewy treat made with real fruit.

Chocolate Nut Clusters
This sugar-free candy will quell that chocolate craving with an added nutty crunch. So long, peanut M&Ms.

Nut Buttery Popcorn
This snack promises to satiate with heart-healthy unsaturated fats, and won’t disappoint your sweet tooth either.

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