The Check-Up: You Eat What You See First

Turns out, most people aren't so much picky as lazy when it comes to what they'll eat

Photograph from ThinkStock

• You are what you eat, right? Or so the saying goes. Well apparently, you eat what you see first, according to a new study from researchers at Cornell. People are three times more likely to eat the first thing they see when they open their fridge or pantry than the fifth thing they lay their eyes on. Chalk it up to the power of visual cues if you want, but I’m gonna bet a touch of laziness comes in to play somewhere here, too: It’s there, right in front of me, I don’t have to move anything to get it—so fine, I’ll eat it. Please, by all means, put that instinct to good use; arrange your refrigerator so the carrots are front and center, for example. And the cookie jar on the counter? Swap it for a fruit bowl.

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