Reebok on the Hook for $25M for False Claims

The feds say Reebok's toning shoes don't work like they should—or, well, at all

Tsk tsk, Reebok. The Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that the shoe company is on the hook for a whopping $25 million in customer refunds for making false claims about its EasyTone shoes, which promise to shape your legs and butt as you walk. Alas, what seemed too good to be true probably was.

Although Reebok agreed to pay the piper, the company hasn’t actually admitted that its shoes don’t work. Reebok simply settled to “avoid a protracted legal battle,” a spokesperson told the New York Times.

No word yet if the FTC will go after any of the other shoe companies who make similar products and lofty fitness claims. But I imagine that right about now, outfits like Skechers, New Balance and others are shaking in their sneakers.

Oh and for the record? We were wary of Reebok’s EasyTone apparel long, long ago. Just sayin’.