‘Anna Rexia’ Halloween Costume Is Sickening

Have you ever wanted to dress up like anorexia nervosa for Halloween? Yeah, us either

Oh, Halloween. How we miss the days when you were synonymous with grade-school parties, haunted houses and extreme sugar-highs. Now, instead of picking out which color Power Ranger we should be (the pink one, always), women are expected to throw on some lingerie and call it a costume: “Sexy Kitty,” “Sexy Nurse,” even “Sexy Sarah Palin.”

Now, costume manufacturers have gone to a new extreme. New York’s Village Voice newspaper found a shop in Manhattan that was selling a costume called “Anna Rexia.” Get it? The literal Halloween embodiment of anorexia nervosa.

The costume, which the shop dropped from its website (and apparently from shelves) earlier this week, consists of a tight black dress emblazoned with a white-glitter skeleton, a tape measure for a belt, and an “Anna Rexia” name-tag, in case you didn’t get the joke—all for the bargain-basement price of just $49.99 (we jest, of course.) Oh, and the costume comes in plus sizes, too.

Is this sickening to anyone else?