Have a Medical Question? Ask a Top Doc

We want to get your questions answered

We’ve all been there: Head to the doctor’s office with a list of question, but by the time you get there you’ve forgotten them all. Or, let’s be honest, you whimp out.

Be Well Philly wants to help. If you have a medical question—whether it’s something you’ve always wondered about the human body or a question you’re too sheepish to ask your own doc—we’ll find the right doctor to answer your question. After all, we have a whole boatload to choose from. So why not put our resources to good work?

Then, every so often we’ll post an Ask a Top Doctor question here on the blog (we’ll ask permission to publish your name, of course). Because if it’s something you’re wondering about, there’s a good chance someone else has been thinking about it, too.

So go ahead—lay ’em on us. The doctor’s in.

E-mail questions to Emily Leaman at eleaman@phillymag.com. Or tweet us @bewellphilly.