The Check-Up: Depressed? Reach for a Latte, Ladies

A new study links coffee drinking with lower depression risk in women

• Just as I’m considering switching from coffee to tea comes this study, which found that women who drink coffee are 20 percent less likely to be depressed than nondrinkers. Other sources of caffeine—from chocolate to soda—don’t appear to provide the same effect. The link was found in women who regularly drink coffee (up to six cups a day, which seems excessive to me, but whatever). Of course, just to cover their bases, the study authors also warn of the negative health effects—anxiety, insomnia—associated with drinking too much.

Who you eat with—not just what you eat—can make an impact on your health, a new study finds. Friends, it seems, nudge each other to eat snacks and drink alcohol (duh), while brothers might influence you to eat meat, of all things. Eating with a spouse could lead to healthier choices (did ya hear that, Chris Leaman?). No word on what eating alone does to you.