Hey Guys, Want to Get, Um, Bigger? Quit Smoking

Men who quit smoking get it up better, study found

Well. This is kinda awkward. But we’ll press on in the name of science.

A team in Boston conducted a study which found that men who quit smoking had “firmer, faster erections” than their peers who relapsed, according to TIME.com. Sixty-five male smokers enrolled in the study, which included an eight-week quit program using nicotine patches and counseling. The men were brought in to test their erections three times throughout the course of study: once at the beginning, then again halfway through, and again a month after the program wrapped up. How’d they manage to get it up in a lab, you ask? Porn, of course.

The researchers found that the 31 percent of men who managed to quit by the end of the study had “wider, firmer erections and reached maximum sexual arousal (but, importantly, not climax!) much more quickly”—thank you, TIME, for the clarification.

Here’s something interesting to note: At the beginning of the study, 20 percent of participants reported suffering from erectile dysfunction, but by the end, three-quarters of the folks in this camp who managed quit no longer suffered from ED.

Buh-bye, Viagra.